As DMV Looks Towards the Future with Biennial Vehicle Registration & Accepting Credit Card Payments in Field Offices

Legislation introduced two proposals to improve and stream line the proficiency of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Senator Jim Beall who represents the 15th district including Silicone Valley, wrote senate bill no. 460. This bill will introduce a biennial registration period for all vehicles instead of annually. If passed this bill won’t go into effect by January 1, 2020. Assembly Member Jim Wood who represents District 2 which includes Mendocino County, Sonoma County, and half of Santa Rosa introduced a bill that would affect new acceptable payment methods to DMV. This bill would allow DMV to accept credit cards as payment for any fees at all field offices. Assembly bill 867 will also allow annual vehicle registration fees to be paid in monthly, bi-monthly, or semiannual installment payments. If passed the bill would go into effect no later than July 1, 2020. Both bills would help cut the wait time at DMV.

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Senate Bill no. 460-Biennial Registration

Assembly Bill no. 867-accept credit card