All vehicles require a title and registration to operate on the California highways. You need registration to drive it. You need plates and vehicle stickers to identify it. Our job is to get you on the road. We are more than a document retrieval service. We can get a title where none exists. We leap over boundaries to get paperwork that others cannot obtain and file it with accuracy.

There are several different ways or requests in which a company or individual can have registration. Whether it be for a full year or a specific time frame, a partial year registration on a commercial vehicle, a goldenrod registration, a larger fleet requiring permanent fleet registration, special equipment of off highway or a need to operate either intrastate or interstate for business or pleasure, we can accommodate your needs.

When plates and stickers and/or registration have been lost, we handle duplicate registration, quick tags and replacement plates on our site the same day. Knowing you have peace of mind that you will have plates the next day to operate is paramount to us. When titles have been lost and there is not any documentation, we reconstruct the title work by contacting all known owners and lienholders to complete the process of getting a duplicate title and/or the title transferred. We run a vehicle history check to help guide us through the process and indicate who the original owners were. On occasions, we run an NMVTIS report which tells us the last known state the vehicle was titled in. On all out of state vehicles, the state of California requires a vin verification to be performed. We handle this in our office and locally on site for clients with paperwork.

We not only handle automobiles, trucks, and trailers, but also special equipment that operates 51% or more off highway and we process government exempt vehicles. We file all necessary documentation to obtain an SE plates or exempt plates on site whichever applies.

When a lienholder is on a titled vehicle and it needs to be sold there must be a lien release. We obtain this from the lienholder and file appropriate forms to add or delete a lienholder. This can occur the same day with our service. There are instances that a vehicle has been repossessed or not running and must be junked, salvaged or file a lien sale; we offer these services as well.

As a full vehicle registration service, we service all vehicle needs. All vehicles must be CARB Compliant by California law or must be removed from California and sold in another state. We have the expertise to handle any obstacle that comes our way and drive past the competition. We stand behind our services and will follow the laws that guide us to do what it takes to get you what you need.  Whether is be from our in-house office processing or we need State offices assistance we are here to help you get on the road quickly!

Accuracy, Expediency, & No Hassle

We title in any state except Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Alaska.