A title is required to establish ownership of a vehicle. We offer services that will  save time when filing what is necessary to obtain a title, title transfers, and/or receive a duplicate title. When a change occurs to the registered owner or lienholder that change needs to be documented and the title needs to be transferred to the new owner.

Did you know the California vehicle code has established time frames in which you must complete these changes before penalties accrue? We are rated at the top of the list when it comes to having not only the knowledge , but the expertise to accomplish all types of title transfers and replacements, reconstruction of lost or missing title documents. Our Road Ready teams are guided and cross trained to follow through with completion of even the seemingly impossible types of title issues both in state and out of state. It is our mission to do what is necessary to obtain a title whether it is staying on hold for hours with state offices or filing what is necessary to get it done while dodging obstacles along the way.

We actively provide services to all types of clientele. From an individual to a corporation, we help everyone with all their titling needs.  Plus we keep it simple.  No title situation is the same. In 40 years of business, we have seen many different title dilemmas. There is not a problem we cannot solve. We offer our clients solutions to sometimes difficult titling issues. Without proper knowledge titling can be a long and lengthy process. This is why our services are so vital to the public.

You may have already experienced several trips to the local state authorities because you are not being informed of all the documents you need.  Having knowledge of what the state offices require is added value for our services. If a duplicate title is required because the original is lost, stolen, damaged, illegible, or not received we can handle obtaining this for you. The toughest types of titles and registrations are lost ones such as an out of state title or certificate. There are legal steps that need to be taken to obtain replacements. There could be lost documents that need to have a notarized lien satisfied from a lending institution that still exists on record. We have the capability to go the extra mile to assist you in accomplishing this step.  A certificate of title needs to be valid, up to date and accurate due to the fact that is a legal document.

Road Ready offers services for transferring ownership of a title the new buyer, between family members, from an individual to an estate, from a deceased owner to an heir, (a transfer without probate), and a friend. Change of ownership occurs at the sale of a vehicle, gift, or donation, adding and removing the name of the owner, inheritance, and having a lien satisfied. Forms are required to make this happen. It is our job to file the appropriate paperwork and see to it that it is all complete and transferred. Our teams are experts and value you as a client. Our staff is always ready and willing to be of help with their undivided assistance to get you what you need to complete whatever title needs you have in a quick and efficient manner.  Our expertise is finalizing the transaction within the time frame required.

At Road Ready, we complete title services on-line with same day processing and also guarantee if needed, overnight delivery of your completed title.  Having the knowledge to obtain a title for our clients sets us apart from the rest.

Accuracy, Expediency, & No Hassle

We title in any state except Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Alaska.