Registration comes in many forms for the state of California. Full year registration is registration that is annual. Partial year registration is set for a specific time frame for commercial vehicles. Permanent fleet registration is for larger fleets of vehicles processed from a listing in a form of a spreadsheet issued by state offices and processed on a monthly basis for all their vehicles at one time.

Registration can occur when you purchase a vehicle from a private party, a dealer, or require commercial vehicle registration, IRP (international registration plan) or permanent fleet registration. There are time constraint requirements that you must report the transfer of ownership to the state offices.

We educate our clients on what is necessary to register their vehicles and keep them up to date on all the new laws and requirements as they change often. Road Ready services many dealerships that sell vehicles to their clients saving them the money they would have had to spend in employing someone to do the job. We take the burdensome task away from our dealers and issue same day registration. We calculate the fees required and inform our clients of what it will cost to register.

For commercial vehicles, having partial year truck registration means that if a vehicle is not operative through the calendar year then it will be a partial year basis. If the vehicle is not in operation, a planned non-operational (PNO) can be filed within a certain timeframe. Permanent Fleet Registration (PYR) is for qualified interstate commerce fleet vehicles for continuous registration which you are notified of in a monthly listing of all your units at one time. Fleets with a minimum of 25 vehicles may participate.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you do not receive your renewal notice? Did you know this is a courtesy notice that your local state agency sends out? There is no mandate to do this. We offer services to help you get your renewals done even if you do not have a current renewal notice and to obtain duplicate registration if original is lost. You may renew  your registration at any time within 60 days prior to expiration. If you have moved and never received your renewal notice and you did not update your address, penalties are due and assessed by your state agency. These are your obligation to pay these fees Road Ready will go to bat for you if there are circumstances that caused these beyond your control. If you have a registration card and are late, there are penalties associated with renewing late. The state of California does not allow a grace period for registration renewal. Late fee percentages will depend on when you make your payment. There is an established amount of late fees that accrue within certain time frames.

When documents are missing, we can help you by posting fees and once missing items are provided, we can complete and issue tags.

Need a smog check or have not purchased insurance? We are here to help. We can post fees and issue temporary registration. There are many types of registrations, but no matter what we have the experts to guide you through the process.  Aside from CA registration, we also specialize in both  AZ registration and Nevada registration.

When you register IRP you pay apportioned fees based on the percentage of highway mileage traveled through each jurisdiction. Furthermore, registration for interstate commerce, Interstate Registration Plan, allows for registration under a single plate and cab card issued by your base state. Road Ready offer services for IRP in both California and out of state. Clients who wish to register IRP must travel in California and at least one other state. We handle all aspects of what it takes to travel on the IRP plan.

We take the burdensome task of figuring fees, filing paperwork, and keeping track of your fleet with our proprietary software. Commercial trailers are registered under the permanent trailer identification ( PTI) program. There are specific requirements for different types of trailers. Sometimes certain vehicles can be registered with auto or commercial license plates. Pickup trucks with a camper, station wagons, and passenger vehicles for hire. 

There isn’t a vehicle we haven’t registered. Road Ready is here 24/7 to offer problem solving assistance. We take everything we do to assist a client as if it was our paperwork. No state agency can do what we do. Missing documents? Paperwork incomplete? We can fix it! Our team will make your registration experience stress-free.

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