Authorities are important to establish your business. Whether it is out of state or local, you need a number to identify your company throughout the country. This is where your DOT number comes in handy. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will be able to check whether your company is compliant with Federal regulations through this number. Road Ready works to help you get DOT number.

Any businesses conducted in California highways require for carriers to get a CA number and a Motor Carrier Permit (MCP). The CA number is an identification number issued by CHP (California Highway Patrol) to keep track of biennial inspections and status of the vehicle. The Motor Carrier Permit is a permit issued by DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to help monitor the insurance on the vehicle and to notify carriers if there is ever a lapse. We keep track of status on all your authorities and permits so that you do not miss any deadlines and accrue penalties for outstanding balances.

If you decide to run out of state, the next authority that you need to establish is your ICC:MC along with your BOC-3 filing. The MC authority is required for all out-of-state carriers, except private carriers and carriers hauling exempt commodities. The BOC-3 is a federal filing or list that assigns a process agent or firm to receive legal documents on your behalf. You will be required to register for the UCR registration (Unified Carrier Registration).  This permit is a revenue sharing program required for all interstate carriers. The funds are put into state highway and safety programs by the Federal government.

An additional permit to be filed is the (IFTA) International Fuel Tax Agreement. This permit distributes the taxes on the fuel purchased by the miles traveled to all the states. However, the states of New Mexico, Kentucky, New York, and Oregon require their miles to be filed separately from the IFTA license. We can assist you establishing these permits, so you do not face any issues when crossing state lines through these states. Along with having an established IRP account and permits you are required to file IFTA reports. These are referred to as fuel tax filings. The miles and gallons are recorded either manually using trip log sheets or electronically with the help of ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices).

A 2290, also referred to as heavy highway use tax, is required to be filed whenever a vehicle weighs over 55,000 lbs gvw (gross vehicle weight). We handle this in our office and can file 2290 the same day with the IRS.  What happens if you already have an issue with any of these accounts? We go the extra mile and get status with state agencies to help you solve them and get your accounts back on track so you can run your company with no problems. We take the time to educate you on all that is required to operate your vehicle.

We offer permit services and fuel tax reporting for all your vehicle needs.  Another requirement that is not a permit, but is required is that every driver of a commercial vehicle for hire must be signed up for a Drug and Alcohol Program.  This will require some other certifications and random quarterly testing.  Here at Road Ready we partnered up with our other owned company, Accurate Drug Services (ADS, INC) and we can handle that in our same facility located in Rancho Cucamonga.

Just recently a new requirement came into effect that is required along with the drug and alcohol program and became into effect January 1, 2020 that regulates commercial drivers driving records and violations.  It is called the Clearinghouse.  This has its own portal that you will need to register for. We are here to assist you with access and register for the Clearinghouse.

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