IRP (International Registration Plan), also known as apportioned registration and mistakenly listed as portion plates, allows you to run through the 48 states or jurisdictions. There are several requirements following the establishment of an IRP account. However, this is the type of registration you want to get if you are looking to run nationally.

Once proper documentation is received from our clients, we can issue apportioned IRP plates, registrations on-site, and same day registration. If starting up for the initial set up of IRP, this can be accomplished in 2 weeks.

We also handle duplicate apportioned registrations, replacement plates and truck tags when these have been lost or stolen. In addition, we specialize in IRP renewal, adds, and deletes for already existing IRP accounts with a fast turnaround process. When your business goes through certain changes such as a name or address change, we can complete it quicker than state offices, ensuring that you or your company reflect the new changes at the Federal and State level.

Occasionally, owner operators or companies are selected for IRP audits. During these audits it is essential to get a proper understanding of the requirements requested by the state offices to avoid being penalized for missing information. Our team of experts specialize in helping you understand such requirements while working hand and hand with you to pass and have a successful audit. There are times when companies or owner operators decide to cease and close their accounts. We submit and file all necessary documentation to properly close out an IRP account. Not closing an account in good standings can result in penalties which can add up to a big sum of money if the process is not completed correctly.

All vehicles must be over 26,000 lbs gross vehicle weight to qualify for IRP registration. In addition, as of January 1st, 2020, California law states each commercial vehicle that operates under California IRP must meet the CARB (California Air Resources Board) guidelines to be able to register or renew. We can swiftly get you Road Ready!

Accuracy, Expediency, & No Hassle

We title in any state except Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Alaska.